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I have the Honey Banana Facial Bar and I love it!!! My face feels nourished and clean. I follow it with Poppy, which I highly recommend!

Mary, Facial Product User

Bright eyes serum is like magic! I have suffered from bags and dark circles under my eyes for years (genetics). Bright eyes serum helps reduce the appearance of both. also I wear contacts and have had issues in the past with under eye moisturizers or serums irritating my eyes/contacts. I have not had any issues with Bright eyes serum. Love it!

Sarah S, Serum User

Before I started using this product, every time I would get out of the shower, my face felt SO DRY and was dying for some moisturizer. Within 10 days of using Amy's product my face feels Plump, fresh and not dry anymore. Thank you Amy!

Amy P, Poppy User