About Us

We exist to promote life, hope and healing to the people we serve by helping them look, feel and smell amazing. We strive to avoid harmful, toxic ingredients and are committed to doing our part to reduce plastic waste, purchase fair-trade, sustainable, renewable resources that are cruelty free.

 Awaken Joy uses high-quality ingredients carefully selected for their natural healing properties and chemical compositions.  We read many science journals regarding specific ingredients. You will find products packaged in glass, tin and occasionally bio-degradable paper or earth friendly plastic (VERY rarely!).

Our products are formulated with:

Natural, plant-based oils; steam distilled and cold-pressed pure essential oils; CO2 extracts; recyclable and reusable packaging and a great variety of carefully selected organic, sustainable ingredients to meet your skincare needs.

We stay away from ingredients like:

parabens, phthalates, toxic chemicals, animal testing and petroleum


Founded by Amy Charbonneau.